Sports Advocacy Group


Tennis Australia presented to the Sports Advocacy Group after a long and well established relationship with the Australian Parliament Sports Club, in March of 2011.


Past Guests

John FItzgerald (Board Member, Tennis Australia), Steve Woods (CEO, Tennis Australia), Alicia Molik (Pro-tennis player), Todd Woodbridge (Former pro-doubles champion, commentator) and Craig Morris (Head of Women's Tennis and Athlete Devlopment, Tennis Australia).


Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia is the governing body of tennis within Australia, linking to member associations throughout the country. We promote and facilitate participation in tennis at all levels, and also conduct national and international tournaments. The most widely recognised of these include:

  • The Davis Cup
  • The Fed Cup
  • Australian Open
  • Australian Pro Tour
  • Australian Open Series


The origins of Tennis Australia date to 1904 when local players Norman Brookes and Alf Dunlop considered entering the newly formed Davis Cup. Before Australia could make a challenge it had to be represented by a national association. The Australasian Lawn Tennis Association was formed, embracing New Zealand interests, with three main functions:

  • To organise the Davis Cup challenge
  • To control interstate matches
  • To run the first annual championships in Melbourne, November 1905.

Role of Tennis Australia

The Lawn Tennis Association of Australia – trading as Tennis Australia (TA) – was established by the existing Member Associations (MAs) and New Zealand in late 1904. In 2004/05 they celebrated the centenary of the organisation and its marquee event – the Australian Open. Today TA is a AUS$150-million turn-over business, stages one of the world’s four Grand Slam tournaments and operates as a one-team company unified under the brand ‘Tennis – Australia’s Favourite’.


To have the game of tennis clearly establish itself as the most popular sport and recreational activity in Australia and to ensure Australia has a pre-eminent position in world tennis.


To grow, manage, promote and showcase the sport of tennis throughout Australia, recognising the health, social, economic and entertainment benefits of sport, and tennis in particular, for people of both sexes, all ages and abilities.