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The Value of Sport #valueofsport

Sport is fundamental to Australia’s society, culture and economy. Participation in sport improves mental and physical health, enhances community well-being and contributes significantly to employment - Australian Sports Commission

What does that mean?

The Value of Sport seeks to quantify the wealth and health of the nation. What is the GDP of sport in Australia? What are the tangible health benefits of participating in sport and recreation? In 2014 we are campaigning for a separate recognition in the National Accounts. The value of sport should be recognised and rank alongside Resources, Tourism etc.

Partnership for a Healthy Australia #healthyaustralia

There are an abundance of Healthy Australia Partnerships already across both government and the private sector. This is a fundamental weakness with the concept of partnership; it is not. The Sports Advocacy Group campaign will promote collaboration and a unified voice to both simplify and at the same time leverage the benefits of a Healthy Australia Partnership.

Major Sporting Events in Australia #ausportevents

SAG will be campaigning for a major sporting event in Australia every year for 20 years from 2020.

Sport Diplomacy #sportdiplomacy #sportambassadors

SAG will be promoting ‘Sport Australia’ and the use of high level sporting Ambassadors as a key element of tourism, trade and foreign policy.

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