Sports Advocacy Group

2012 Olympic Preview Dinner

On 20th June 2012, the Sports Advocacy Group hosted an Olympic Preview Dinner for London 2012. 

Guests at the dinner included: - Craig Phillips (Secretary General of AOC), Lauren Mitchell (2010 World Champion, Gymnastics), Peggy Liddick (Head Coach, Gymnastics), Danielle Woodward (Director, Athlete Services), and Igor Yudin (Captain, Volleyball).

austolympicteamStephanie Brantz led the discussions and guests covered such varied topics as the journey to the London Olympicsthe role of Athlete services and team bulding in the Olympic Village, the qualification of the Men's Volleyball team for the Olympics for only the second time, Lauren Mitchell's preparation for the Gamesthe importance of mentoringmedal rivalries and what it means to be an Olympian.

Below is a playlist of all these interviews and several more that were conducted with the Olympic guests.