Sports Advocacy Group

2008 Olympic Review Dinner

austolympicteamOn 24th September 2008, the Sports Advocacy Group hosted its first Olympic Dinner following the Summer Olympics that ad recently taken place in Beijing.

Guests at the dinner included: - John Coates (President of AOC), Grant Hackett (Swimming), James Tomkins (Rowing), Chantelle Newbury (Diving), Melissa Ripon (Waterpolo), Adam Pine (Swimming), Nathan Wilmot (Sailing) and Kim Crow (Rowing).

beijing2008Many topics were tabled, with Stephanie Brantz leading discussions, including the best way to judge the success of an Olympicsthe importance of medalsDNA testing for athletic talentrepresenting your countryimportance of coaches and how China performed as host nation.

Below is a playlist of all these interviews and several more that were conducted with John Coates and the Olympic Athletes.