Sports Advocacy Group


Netball Australia has been involved with the Sports Advocacy Group for a number of years. We had the pleasure of presenting them to the Group following the inaugural Canberra Parliamentary Sports Festival in October 2011.


Past Guests

Kate Palmer (CEO, Netball Australia), Lisa Alexander (Head Coach, Diamonds), Natalie Von Bertouch (Captain, Diamonds), Cath Cox (Vice-Captain, Diamonds), Laura Geitz (Diamonds), Sharni Layton (Diamonds), Natalie Medhurst (Diamonds) and Caitlin Basset (Diamonds).


Netball Australia

via Netball Australia

Netball is more than a game – we lead social change, strengthen and build capacity in communities and empower women and girls. We champion the interests of netball both in Australia and on the world stage.


To deliver netball programs and services that support social change by providing:

  • The opportunity for all Australians to participate in the game in a way that brings them good health, recognition, achievement, enjoyment and a sense of belonging
  • Innovative and sustainable programs to facilitate the empowerment of women and girls
  • Positive environments for inclusive participation
  • Ambassadors that inspire Australians
  • Major events that showcase and best netball in the world
  • Pathways for athletes, umpires, coaches, administrators and technical officials
  • A culture that preserves our heritage and celebrates women.



  • We care about our game, our people and our purpose.
  • We are motivated, high achievers and celebrate great outcomes.


  • We work together for a common goal and create an harmonious environment by: contributing as individuals; being adaptable and flexible; supporting others.


  • We uphold the principles of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety


  • We perform at the highest level and benchmark against the best.
  • We aim for continuous improvement and innovation in everything we do.


  • We are responsible and take ownership for outcomes.
  • We are solution focused and resolve problems.
  • We are clear about our roles and responsibilities and decision making authority


These priorities have been agreed by the sport nationally to ensure that resources are allocated to where the sport will achieve the most significant outcomes – the focus is on strategies that ‘change our world’.

  • Refine the value proposition of netball’s membership model.
  • Develop a dedicated on-line netball community.
  • Modernise the concept and practices around volunteers.
  • Embed netball into every school.
  • Future proof netball’s national facility blueprint.
  • Extend the reach of netball into diverse population settings.


World Number One

  • The Australian Netball Diamonds won the 2011 World Netball Championship in Singapore and have now won 10 out of 13 World Netball Championship titles.
  • The Australian Netball Diamonds retain the world number one ranking.
  • The Diamonds won the inaugural Constellation Cup in 2010.
  • Australia21/U team won the 2009 World Youth Netball Championship.

Netball is an Australian Success Story

  • At the 2010 Commonwealth Games netball topped television ratings for team sports with an estimated Australian audience of 3million.
  • The 2010 Holden Netball Test Series achieved a stadium capacity of 90%.
  • The ANZ Championship grand final sold in a record 12 minutes in2010.
  • Over 7 million people watched the ANZ Championship broadcasts in 2011.
  • The Australian Netball Diamonds have over 10,000 facebook followers.
  • There was significant increase in consumption of netball through digital media platforms.

Vibrant Community Sport

  • San Remo NetSetGO! achieved 12% growth in 2010.
  • 32% of international umpires are Australian, the most of any country.
  • 25,000 people have completed the on-line umpiring exam.

Intelligent Evolution

  • Australia wins the rights to host the 2015 World Netball Championships.
  • The sport establishes one plan for netball and identifies strategic priorities for 2011-2014.
  • Netball partners with the Australian Federal Government in a $2.95 million project to develop netball in the Pacific.
  • The netball economy has doubled in the last four years.